Conceptual poster series that work as a critique of consumer culture. 


There seems to be a void in our lives that we think can only be filled by material goods. That if we are rich and able to buy all the things our hearts desire, we will be happy. While bleak, that was the main driving force behind “Spend Money, Buy Stuff”. I wanted to explore the effects of consumerism and the way it is overstimulating our senses.

I was heavily influenced by the idea of subliminal advertising: companies using subtle, most times devious, communication methods to trick people into making a purchase for things they might not actually need. In our current social landscape, it is much too easy for us to be controlled by corporations. With our continuously decreasing attention spans and increasingly convenient technology, it is so much easier to let others tell us what we should be doing and what we should be buying.

The two pieces take vintage ads and reimagines them with a modern twist. I wanted to convey that even though we put the blame of our consumer culture on modern society or technology, it is a slow and evolving process from long ago, we’ve just made it easier than ever to execute. The two are my representation of a reality that isn't all that different from our current one, warning against the exaggerated dystopian world we seem to be headed towards.

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