Hey there!

I'm Yurou, a digital designer based in Brooklyn with a love for typography and user experience design. My background in print design has followed me through my move into the digital product sphere, and will always serve as inspiration as I try to tackle the mergence between the physical and digital world. As a designer, I always aim to create meaningful yet enjoyable visual experiences. Outside of my design and media studies at NYU, I like to fuel my artistic tendencies with passion projects, narrative games, and creative writing.

When I'm not scribbling away in my notebook or messing around on Sketch, I'm probably watching Netflix documentaries, exploring NYC's dessert scene, or looking up bad puns for my comedic side hustle.

I am currently a UX Designer at NYU IT. I was previously a Design Intern at Marine Lane and Wade&Wendy. I've also done design work for Twice, Aberdeen, & Well Read Black Girl.

Hey again.

If you're interested in what I'm working on, would like to talk design, or want to chat about the counterfeit makeup epidemic, links on your right would be your best bet.

Also, here's a fancy version of what I've already mentioned above for your easy perusal: Résumé


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