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  1. I wish I didn’t “know” design

    27 Sep 2019

    There are days I wish I was a beginner again, to have their eyes, I would give anything to see the word in an unfiltered light. In a way that’s not saturated by technicalities, by grids and rules and expectations. Even if it’s just for day, to be able to…

  2. Help, all my UI designs look the same!

    15 Aug 2019

    I’m constantly going back to the age old question of “is design art?” In my heart, and according to my definition of “art” (which in itself is a can of worms I’m trying very hard not to open) the answer is no. I had recently listened to a podcast that…

  3. I’d like more friction please!

    03 Jun 2019

    As designers, I feel that we’re constantly trying to strive for a seamless and frictionless experience in products. That of course, is a noble goal, I mean, what user doesn’t want a smooth and non-disruptive process? We’ve already established that people have much less patience than before, and thus, less…

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