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Move In Day is an alternative indie rock band a few of my friends created. I had volunteered to create their logo and potential debut album cover (as well as a game GUI just for fun)! Based in Brooklyn, the band has a very retro vibe. After conducting a series of interviews with the band members and sitting in on their practice sessions, I presented them with numerous drafts and iterations, eventually ending up with the logo to the left. 

The punk aesthetic and sharpness of the written type is meant to represent the band's catchy and bold guitar riffs. The arrow motif is an allusion to the thematic elements in their lyrics, but would also work well as a graphic to put on future merchandise.

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Self Titled Album Cover

While the final album cover that the band members decided on wasn't my personal favorite (I honestly love the pink inverted one, it had character), I understood why it was the one they had gone with. It was simple, recognizable, bold and rebellious enough to get the point across but not venture into the punk genre. 

I had a lot of fun doing the illustrations for the cover, trying to pinpoint the various facial features that I wanted to keep vs what wasn't "necessary". A small blunder I noticed is that the "L" in the "Titled" covers up the nose of the center member, it's a tad disappointing as he considers his nose to be a recognizable feature for himself. There is definitely enough time before the album is released for me to revisit the album and make the necessary retouches. 

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The Moveout is a 8-bit style RPG platformer (with a hint of street fighter) about the touching story of five boys in a band hoping to make it in New York City. Making it in NYC might have numerous meanings, but for the boys, it’s moving out of their parents basement and into their own flat. With nothing but a pocket full of dreams, the boys set out to earn enough money (or impress enough people) to get off the mean streets of Manhattan and into a place of their own.

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